Blank Manuskript
12th November 2020
Co-headline The Emerald Dawn
At the 1865, Southampton
Blank Emerald .jpg

 There was no hesitation inviting Blank Manuskript to return to the area after their incredible gig in Winchester last year.

After The Emerald Dawn had to cancel their tour in March 2020 I immediately added them as joint headline for this event

The Salzburg-based band Blank Manuskript are an internationally successful chamber of musical wonder.  Their uncompromisingly bizarre rock music has gained them a  reputation for their uniqueness. The music is characterized by its sophisticated symphonic arrangements as well as extensive psychedelic improvisations to rock your musical senses. The mystical lyrics transport you into fantasy filled musical realms .  Socio-critical escapism unites with creative excellence, creating contemporary programmatic rock for both insiders and seekers, far beyond the banal inhumanity of the media-machine.
Our LineUp:
Jakob Aistleitner – Saxophone, Flute, Electric Guitar, Glockenspiel, Percussion, Vocals
Peter Baxrainer – Electric Guitar, Accoustic Guitar, Vocals
Jakob Sigl – Drums, Percussion, Viola, Tape, Vocals
Dominik Wallner – Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Synthesizer, Vocals
Alfons Wohlmuth – Electric Bass, Flute, Vocals

Links to videos from our Gig at ProgSud 2018: Links HereHere  and Here

Massive shows in Salzburg with guest musicians, stage design, costumes, lightshow etc. Here,  Here and Here

And one special moment for us @Steintheater Hellbrunn, the first amplified concert ever at the old theatre

carved in stone.  Here

Find us on the web  - 

Website   Facebook   Instagram   Spotify   Soundcloud   Youtube         


Co Headline  


With music that is ‘as epic and as beautiful as it is possible to get’ (Scream Magazine), The Emerald Dawn are a multi-instrumentalist, symphonic progressive rock quartet, who combine elements from classical music, jazz and rock to produce their own original, distinctive and exciting sound—a sound that is cinematic, experimental and powerful. Usually haunting, often stunningly melodic and always highly atmospheric, the music of The Emerald Dawn paints images or tells stories that stimulate the imagination and takes the listener on unforgettable musical journeys.

Originally formed in Edinburgh, the St Ives-based band comprises

Tree Stewart (keyboards, flute, acoustic guitar and vocals),

Ally Carter(guitar, saxophones and vocals),

David Greenway (fretless and fretted bass guitars)

and Tom Jackson (drums). For their second studio album, ‘Visions’,

The Prog Mind ranked Stewart number 7 in the best keyboards performances of 2017 while ranking Carter number 6 in the best guitar performances.

In February 2019 The Emerald Dawn released their third studio album, ‘Nocturne’, to rave reviews:


‘…as wondrous as only a near-masterpiece can be.’*** Dmitry M. Epstein;

‘This is a sheer delight to listen to, one of those albums that gets inside your soul and is one that you will keep with you for life. … I love this album.’ The Progressive Aspect;

‘A wonderful must have album, full of passion, drama, and majestic instrumentation throughout…’

*** Progplanet;

‘“Nocturne” displays musical prowess that will leave your heart in your throat’. The Prog Mind.

The Emerald Dawn will not only be performing compositions from their three studio albums but will also be providing a glimpse of  some of their forthcoming album: ‘To Touch the Sky’.


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