Sunday 18th September 2022

At the 1865 

Multi Story
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Quasar  was formed in the winter of 1979 by founder member Keith Turner and, after several trial line-ups, was eventually joined, in 1981,by Cyrus Khajavi, on guitar, keyboard player Dillon Tonkin, Paul Vigrass as vocalist, and drummer David Cairns.
In 1983 they set about recording their own album. "Fire in the Sky" was released independently later that year and was well reviewed.
After a video for Cable TV being done at the Regal Theatre, Hitchin (home of the BBC 'In Concert' and 'Sight and Sound'), Quasar did 270 gigs in the next 18 months and started to build up a good following throughout the UK. They were chosen to be on a compilation album, "Fire in Harmony", released by EMI/Elusive which sold well throughout Europe.
An upset came when Susan Robinson was unable to continue and a new singer was found in Tracy Hitchings. 
The band got their next album recorded in September '89 and 'THE LORELI' was released in Holland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, UK and USA, and gigs expanded into other countries.
Keith spent the time writing new material for film and TV and moved to California. Now with new members Keren Gaiser on Vocals/Keyboards, Paul Johnson on drums and Clancy Ferrill on guitar, and a new album in the works, things are back to the UK.

Multi Story 

Multi Story’s roots go back to the 1980s when the first incarnation was launched by song writers Rob Wilsher and Paul Ford. A two album recording contract was secured with the FM label following the broadcast of a very successful recording session at the BBC’s Maida Vale studios for the Tommy Vance show. Following the recording of “East West” at Rockfield Studios, Multi Story embarked on a lengthy U.K. adventure opening for Magnum’s “A Storyteller’s Night” tour, playing venues such as Sheffield City Hall, The Glasgow Apollo and the Dominium Theatre, London. The second album, “Through Your Eyes” featured Grant Nicholas on vocals. Following his brief tenure with Multi Story and a gig with Pallas at Amsterdam’s Paradiso venue he formed and fronted the successful rock band “Feeder”. Following a considerable hiatus Multi Story emerged to release the well received album, “Crimson Stone” on the F2 label, closely followed by a double live release, “Live at Acapela”. In October, 2020 “CBF10” was released and featured Simon Rogers on guitar (Also Eden, Cosmograph, Ghost Community) and bassists, Rob Palmer and Adji Shuib. Following the Covid period, Multi Story are headlining at Danfest X and now feature Paul Ford (vocals, acc guitar), Rob Wilsher (keyboards), Simon Rogers (guitar), Adji Shuib (bass) and Dave Purkiss (drums)