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Thursday 3rd March 2022

At the 1865 

Franck Carducci

and the fantastic squad

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Aurora's Tears

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There is no need to print your ticket. Just give your name at the table inside the venue. We will have a list of ticket buyers

Franck and his band return to Southampton.

This will be their first gig in the 1865

Franck Carducci and the Fantastic squad

 The first album « Oddity » was full of promises for the start of an epic journey but it is on stage where he starts to carve his signature – costumes, make-up, psychedelic atmospheres, humour and sensuality. Yes, you think of Genesis, of Alice Cooper and David Bowie, of Led Zeppelin and Pink-Floyd too. But eventually, you will no longer think of anybody else. Following the release of the highly anticipated « Torn Apart », featuring special guest Steve Hackett (Genesis), the « Tearing the Tour Apart » hit the road in Europe and Franck reinforced his show as one of the most irresistible in the rock scene. 2017 saw the release of a live DVD/BluRay of the tour, which, after about 100 dates, ended with a standing ovation on stage of the Loreley « Night of the Prog » festival in front of 6000 people.

 Carducci, as Master of Ceremonies, leads his Rock 'n Roll Circus where each of his players embodies a side of his music. Who can explain how a 12 string guitar extra neck would be added to a bass guitar, how a powerful guitar riff would go with a hot belly dance, or a Mellotron solo would end up in a duel with a didgeridoo? Who can also explain how Achilles, guitar and sword in hand, would kidnap a sensual Alice from her Wonderland? Franck Carducci Mad Hat However, let them pick you up and take you in the palm of their hands – you won’t want to leave until the very last note of the concert. Your senses will not be given a second of rest while these characters take you to a place where dreams are kings, emotions are queens and musical genres are crossed with no borders. September 2017 was the start of « On The Road to Nowhere » where the band won the « Best Overseas Band » award from UK magazine « Classic-Rock Society ». After the release of his 3rd opus « The Answer » in November 2019, Franck will hit the road again in 2020 for « The Answer Tour ». Immerse yourself into the spectacle and let yourself go as you embark on a journey into a colourful, flamboyant and fun musical universe, which is open and accessible to all.


Aurora's Tears

Regulars to gigs, especially in Southampton and the Isle of Wight will know the bassist Stuart Butt. He has been a great supporter of Solent Area Prog, a stage technician for several bands including The Room and Lucid, a member of several bands and an experienced musician who is often called on to 'dep'.

The Guitarist is Jon Barry who has worked with an early incarnation of The Far Meadow for whom he will be 'depping' on guitar for the present, as he will also be for Quasar next year. He has also worked with Big Big Train, Lee Abraham and Bram Stoker among others.

On Keyboards is Dan Parratt a former member of a Genesis tribute band.

A slightly different line-up were due to play the very first Solent Area Prog gig before an injury from a fall by the previous guitarist caused them to cancel at the last minute. I know lots of you have been asking when Stuart will be seen onstage again so am pleased to have the 'new' band finally play their debut gig supporting Franck Carducci & the Fantastic squad.


For the present please wear masks except when seated.
Please pass a lateral flow test before coming